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The latest figures released by the World Tourism Minister (UNWTO) on global tourism show 5 5% of international tourist arrivals in the first month of 2018. These figures reflect the maintenance of strong demand in an economic context general favorable.
Every region of the world to visit, Great Britain, International Growth, Great Food, Yes, Great Demand. Asia-Pacific led growth (+ 7%), followed by Europe and the Middle East (+ 6% both), followed by Africa (+ 5%), the Americas closing the march (+ 3%).

The Tunisian tourism industry is one of the most diverse and dynamic in Africa. Beyond pristine beaches and year-round sunshine, Tunisia's long and varied history, rich cultural heritage and unique geographical features make it a popular destination for adventure, eco-tourism and sailing , diving, health and cultural as well as for religious tourism to Christians and Muslims.

Tunisia has been for years in the top 5 African countries most visited by tourists. Beyond its geographic proximity to Europe. The country is considered an attractive seaside destination.

According to figures provided by the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT), the total number of non-residents entering Tunisia from 1 January to 20 August 2018, was established at 5,150,663 tourists in 2018 against 4,384,366 in 2017 with a rise of 17.5%.

How we can help:

Services we offer in this industry are world and international class . Our services to the Hotel, Resort Owners, Operators, Developers and Investors include :

Planning and Development

  • Appraisal reports.
  • Destination and large scale project planning.
  • Selection of hotel management company and contract negotiation.
  • Market entry strategy.
  • Market and financial feasibility studies.
  • Project capitalization and financial structuring.
  • Strategic management and planning.
  • Facilities programming.
  • Macro tourism analysis.
  • Product conceptualization.
  • Residual land valuation.
  • Strategic planning.

Asset Management and Operational Advisory

  • Operational and accountability reviews.
  • Asset management advisory.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Best practice analysis.
  • Litigation support.
  • Loan underwriting.
  • Operational reviews.
  • Capital expenditure- Cost/Benefit analysis.
  • Reposition strategy and analysis.
  • Owner representation property tax appeals.

Transaction and Financial Restructuring

  • Asset valuation.
  • Corporate merger and acquisition advisory.
  • Due diligence.
  • Insolvency/Receivership.
  • Investment and divestment strategy.
  • Loan work-out.