Audit Services

Audit Services

Crowe Tunisia  take a personalized approach to be able to make observations and recommendations and assist you in overcoming obstacles and meeting your organization’s objectives.
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Is your audit provider delivering the audit value you deserve ?
Audit services are essential to establish credibility and build reputation - critically important assets in a global economy undermined by business scandals on multiple continents.

Companies that successfully address audit issues improve the quality of their financial reporting and stand to gain credibility internationally with leading sources of capital.

Given the importance of audit services, many senior executives and audit committees look to Crowe member firms for efficient procedures, the value of their work, and personal service. Your organisation stands to gain in multiple areas - reputation, insight, service, and cost - by finding experienced auditors who truly value your business.

Crowe Tunisia provides the highest quality professional service of legal and contractual auditing, of both annual and consolidated accounts.  Our auditors carry out their mission to inform their clients accurately on the state of their company's affairs, allowing the clients to make decisions based on solid findings.

Crowe Tunisia professionals execute their mission with extreme rigour, the utmost confidentiality and in full compliance with principles of independence and objectivity. Our approach is to prioritise communication with our client's management team in order to develop a deep understanding of their activities. The result is a highly efficient and effective audit service that reduces both delays and costs for the client.

Our methods allow partners and staff to dedicate the necessary time to interviewing clients, focusing on the unique risks they are facing. Members of our staff are highly trained to analyse the client's system of internal controls and the risks surrounding their activities.

Systematically striving to improve internal controls adds value to companies audited by Crowe Tunisia and distinguishes our services from what is often considered a necessary and painful process. This is only manageable through personal commitment of the partners signing the audit reports and their close collaboration with clients and managers with whom they discuss and  share experiences.

Our services are:

  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations 
  • Agreed-upon Procedures 
  • Forecasts and Projections 
  • Securities Exchange Reporting 
  • Benefit Plan Audit Services

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