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Real Estate

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The real estate industry has positioned itself as a major contributor to the national economy. While this sector offers innumerable opportunities, it also includes a myriad of complexities.
To ensure its sustained growth in the economy, the Real Estate industry must be well structured with advanced technology and in compliance with global standards. Some real estate projects employ specialized lawyers or consultants to meet the challenges in the industry and expedite the process of registration and establishment. 
Crowe Tunisia is recognized as a premier real estate accounting and consulting firm. Our member firms are well-known for devising innovative strategies, identifying and analyzing complex real estate problems, and recommending viable solutions.
The client roster includes the real estate divisions of some of the largest commercial banks, insurance companies and preeminent investment banking houses. 
Horwath ACF and Cabinet Zahaf & Associés  have special expertise in servicing real estate clients and are attorneys as well as certified public accountants. Our branches have represented clients in highly complex real estate trans-actions, including refinancing, joint ventures and lease negotiations- amounting . We have the technical know-how and insights to ensure your organization continues to grow in the competitive market.
Our Services include:
  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing arrangements.
  • Service entity requirements.
  • Budgeting issues.
  • Management accounting.
  • Key business indicators.
  • Compliance with taxation laws.
  • Trust account compliance.
  • Private taxation services for the partners.