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The automotive industry is one of the world’s most prominent revenue-generating and fastest growing industries, comprising of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, retailers and the like. As the industry is witnessing unparalleled changes, leading to aggressive competition in all segments of manufacturing, major automotive players are seeking special ways to reduce costs. There is also the increased pressure to standardize operational procedures in lines with global standards.

The automobile sector in Tunisia is a strategic sector that weighs nearly six billion dinars in 2016, or 4% of GDP, with a heavy foreign currency bill generated by the importation of all rolling stock.
In recent years, the automobile has emerged as the main means of transport in Tunisia. This is explained by socio-economic factors, in particular population growth and the increase in the standard of living, as well as easy access to auto credit. In recent years, the sector has grown at an average annual rate of 6.4%.
The Tunisian car distribution market is very fragmented. It currently consists of 35 dealers representing 45 brands. This market knows since 2011, a deep reconfiguration following the development of several brands new dealerships, knowing that the sector remains dominated by the European brands that monopolize more than 70% of the market.
Since January 2017, car dealerships have been approved for three years instead of a year earlier.

The market is regulated according to the General Import Program (PGI), defined by the Ministry of Commerce, which has not applied in 2017, the rule providing for a redistribution of the remainders of imports rewarding the most successful dealers the year before, unlike in 2016.

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