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Simplifying indirect tax compliance is a must in today’s global economy

Understanding indirect taxes and how to comply with tax laws and requirements – both nationally and internationally – should be handled with priority and care, regardless of whether your company is a buyer or a seller.

Complying with indirect taxes, such as sales and use tax, value added tax, excise tax, communications tax, and fuel tax, is necessary in today's global economy. Still, the pressure to comply, along with U.S. and foreign governments’ constantly changing rules, can be incredibly challenging. 

Our team offers tailored and comprehensive tax services for businesses in almost any industry. We can do the leg work for you and help you confirm you’re in the right tax space with the proper tools so you can keep your company moving forward. 

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Sales and use tax

Sales and use taxes are complicated, even more so when it involves collecting and paying taxes in a different state, county, city, or township. Our team can help create and implement a solid sales and use tax approach for your business needs. 

Take advantage of our in-depth expertise and technology to face your tax challenges. 

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Real and personal property tax

Managing property taxes can be overwhelming for companies with assets in multiple local jurisdictions. Our property tax consultants can help ease the compliance process while identifying potential real estate tax opportunities for your business.  

Gain greater control over complexities to reduce risks, improve efficiency, and optimize tax advantages. 

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Value added tax

When it comes to value added tax (VAT) compliance, understanding when you are required to register is only the first step. We can help you understand the complexities associated with input credits and compliance to register and submit your VAT returns. 

Our VAT consultants can help you get ahead of cross-border transaction challenges and risks. 

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Unclaimed property

The reporting requirements related to unclaimed property laws are complex and maintaining compliance can be tricky. For many businesses, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't work. That’s why we can tailor our unclaimed property services to fit your unique needs. 

Our team can help you manage compliance, mitigate risk, and identify potential opportunities. 

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Our tax specialists know the indirect tax process inside out and have been helping businesses tackle it for decades. 

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