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We provide our clients with the confidence to make decisions, aware of the quality and robustness of the information on which these decisions are based.
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Our approach to audits is to help our clients manage their growing responsibility, efficiently organise and plan their work throughout the year, increasing communication and using technologically advanced solutions.

Before each audit opinion is issued, it undergoes a rigorous and independent technical review in order to ensure a faithful and error-free report.

Given the current complexity of the business world, there is a need to ensure that our audit reports can be key decision-making tools.

Our services aim to provide clients with the confidence they need to make decisions, improving the quality and context of the information on which such decisions are based.

We are persistent in making sure that our work provides an effective added value to the clients by identifying competitive tax and management solutions. Instead of detecting earlier mistakes, we are interested in anticipating problems and preventing them in the future. It is an anticipatory approach that seeks to identify the specific risks of the business and to determine their possible impact on future financial statements. The final result is a report that offers a faithful, clear and tailored assessment of the client’s financial situation.

The audit services of Crowe Portugal are organised as follows:

  • Audit/Legal Certification of Accounts
  • Limited Review
  • Agreed procedures
  • Due diligence
  • Verification of internal control and information security
  • Internal audit

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