Financial Institutions

We present a range of integrated and comprehensive services that make up for an organisation’s lack of knowledge, checking and monitoring the implementation of computer systems.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are normally strong and complex organisations, but they also have great fragility. The fact that they handle valuables implies an enormous need for organisation, constant vigilance and a great dependence on computer systems. Recent events are a clear illustration of this.

As we have seen recently, the financial system, by not paying attention to signs in the economy, discontinuing risk analysis mechanisms, short circuiting internal control processes, entered a severe recession worldwide. Many financial institutions collapsed.


Organisations do not have the capacity to address such a wide range of issues with the necessary depth and assurance and it is normal for them to make use of consulting teams that present a comprehensive and integrated range of services, as well as other consultants who can make up for any lack of knowledge within the organisation, playing the role of defenders of the company, monitoring and checking the implementation of computer systems.

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