Environment and Energy Organizations

We help organizations to adopt environmental and energy practices that minimise their impact on the environment and are rationally efficient on terms of energy use.

Environment and Energy Organizations 

Environmental and energy concerns are increasingly part of everyday life in companies. From the point of view of social responsibility or due to legal, regulatory and economic imperatives, organizations need to adopt environmental energy practices that minimise their impact on the environment and, from the energy point of view, they are rationally efficient.

The development of consistent and cross-cutting methodologies in the environmental field is becoming increasingly important in organizations, ensuring not only compliance with applicable legal standards, but also optimization of costs.


The adoption of energy efficiency strategies and policies throughout companies’ internal value chain is the way to ensure the reduction of environmental impacts and energy costs and can minimise the impact of supply-side uncertainty and long-term sustainability. Crowe consultants, together with the external entities with which we develop partnerships, are the ideal actors to support you in this journey to reduce energy consumption with direct effects on invoices and the environment.


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