Non-Profit Organizations

We help non-profit organizations to make the rapid and appropriate changes necessary to meet the target of greater transparency in the presentation of accounts to stakeholders.

Non-Profit Organizations

Over the centuries non-profit organizations have played a key role in the production of a wide range of goods and services. In addition, they have also generated positive externalities for society, increasingly becoming a distinct sector within the economy.

Non-profit entities differ from both the private sector, since they do not aim for a profit, and public institutions, since they are not subject to the same governmental policies. The increasing importance of entities of this type means that they are more exposed and their information needs have increased.


In addition, in this sector it is important to efficiently manage (scarce) resources, which naturally implies the adoption of modern management practices and methodologies to ensure more efficient use of resources in the development of activities of high public interest.

We have extensive experience in the so-called Third Sector, with highly qualified professionals capable of supporting these organizations when making the rapid and adequate changes necessary to fulfil the objective of greater transparency in the presentation of accounts to stakeholders.

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