Our primary objective is to provide to our clients a service of excellence and high added value.
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In the current global business context, companies and their managers must present up-to-date, timely and reliable financial information that can be used to anticipate trends and optimise future strategies for action.

We believe that achieving these objectives requires a competent, integrated and high added value service must be provided, through the contribution of a multidisciplinary team specialising in specific services, assisted by professionals with extensive experience in accounting, management and human resources. We can also count on the contribution of professionals in the areas of auditing and financial/tax advice whenever necessary.

We try to contribute with a critical and independent vision that can inspire change when necessary.

We work mainly in the areas of accounting, salary processing, management control and the implementation of internal control and financial reporting mechanisms, providing detailed financial information strongly focused on the analysis of graphical information and management indicators (KPIs - key performance indicators).

We develop and implement flexible solutions specifically designed to handle the complexity of our clients’ businesses. To do this we use software (ERP, data extraction and compilation software, etc.), specific standardisation and process computerisation, which lead to constant automation, a reduction in time spent on operations and the production of accurate and reliable information in the shortest possible time.

We aim to offer our clients a highly differentiated and truly outstanding service.


We provide our clients with a competent, integrated and high added value service, with a team of accountants and managers with extensive professional experience.

Services provided:
- Financial accounting;
- Cost centre and analytical accounting;
- Asset management;
- Cash management;
- Invoicing;
- Preparation and submission of tax returns;
- Preparation of financial statements;
- Consolidation of accounts.

Financial Reporting

We provide detailed financial information with a strong focus on the analysis of graphical information and management indicators (KPIs - key performance indicators).

Services provided:
- Analysis and preparation of detailed financial reports and specific reps on the activity of each company;
- Preparation and analysis of financial indicators and KPIs;
- Preparation of annual budgets and subsequent revisions;
- Preparation of estimated financial statements.

Salary processing

Our human resources solutions include the following services:
- Salary processing;
- Submission of associated tax returns;
- Preparation of SEPA files.

Management Control

We help our clients implement internal control and management control mechanisms. We develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business, in order to ensure cost control and the implementation of internal control mechanisms to reduce waste.
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