engineering and construction

Engineering and Construction

Our know-how and international experience enable us to enhance the value creation that Crowe consultants provide to each of our clients in this sector.

Engineering and Construction Sector

The importance of Engineering and Construction sector in the global economy is indisputable and this sector has faced challenges in recent years as a result of the recent economic recession. These challenges have led to significant changes within organizations, including restructuring, internationalisation and a greater emphasis on the residential construction sector. This is a sector that is a true engine of development, particularly through its impacts on the different sectors of activity, both upstream and downstream, as well as on the agglutinating sector of the different areas of business to which it is directly related, resulting in significant synergies.


Crowe has numerous professionals, in Portugal and abroad, with in-depth knowledge of the Engineering and Construction sector, who can boost the creation of value for each of our clients in this sector, allowing us to meet their expectations.

Our actions are multidisciplinary, covering financial, fiscal, strategic, economic and operational areas. This allows us to offer a personalised service tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients in the Engineering and Construction sector, presenting solutions that integrate the different skills.

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