Textile Sector

We help improve the competitiveness of organisations by helping them save internal resources so that these can be applied in a profitable and promising way.

Textile Sector

The textile sector continues to be one of the sectors that contributes most to our country’s exports. The quality and evolution of the Portuguese textile industry continues to score points internationally, by enhancing the value of national products, with a clear focus on the modernisation of factories, after a period, between 2001 and 2008, that was devastating for the sector and its agents.

After years of deep internal and external crisis, Portugal is now back among the most sought-after countries for textile production and today this recognition extends to design and to technological research. Gone are the days when our country was a mere supplier.


In Portugal, Crowe can be an important support as a result of its long experience in this sector. We can help companies to face their future, to look for opportunities for internationalisation, to study other markets, to look for new partners and to deliver a strong performance. We can improve a company’s competitiveness by helping it to save internal resources so that they can be applied in a profitable and promising way.

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