Methodology SaeR


With an innovative approach to the Portuguese economy, SaeR centers its activity around the concept of Intelligent Information Processing, upon which SaeR contributes to the enhancement of strategic positioning for companies that avail themselves of its services.

Through prospective analysis techniques and qualitative assessment processes, SaeR acquires the knowledge that enables it to:

  • Interpret - not merely compile - the available data about the economy.
  • Produce well-founded studies on the prospective evolution of the economy or sectors within the Portuguese economy.
  • Incorporate various influential factors in companies' life into its analyses.

Thus, the studies and work produced by SaeR, characterized by widely recognized scientific and analytical rigor, also possess a strong practical component that allows us to translate ideas into solutions, effectively assisting our clients in solving their problems.

The Working Method and the SaeR Team: Rigor and Quality

The nature of SaeR's activity necessitates that the adopted working method is characterized by:

  • Technical precision
  • Strong ethical conduct

SaeR places paramount importance on continually enhancing its accumulated knowledge about the economic and financial structure of companies and various sectors of the national economy, encompassing both quantitatively and qualitatively processed information.

A meticulously selected team supported by internationally esteemed consultants furthers this goal of establishing an information hub about the Portuguese economy and its key sectors of activity.


We have at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the areas in which they operate.