SaeR History and Mission

SaeR History and Mission


Established in 1988, SaeR - Strategic Evaluation and Risk, Lda. initiated its operations centered around Intelligent Information Processing, engaging in the fields of Strategy, Economics, and Finance. This included Economic Information, Strategic and Sectoral Risk Analysis, and Risk Analysis as well as Financial Notation (Rating) of Companies.

In 1995, through the acquisition of CPR - Companhia Portuguesa de Rating, S.A., the rating activity was concentrated within CPR. SaeR then specialized in providing services related to Economic Information, National, Sectoral, and Corporate Strategic Evaluation, as well as Sectorial Strategic, Geopolitical, and Prospective Consulting.

Starting from 2002, the company expanded its Business Area into Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness Consulting, aiming to better contribute to the Competitiveness of Portuguese Organizations and the Development of the National Economy.

Currently, SaeR is a company specializing in Geopolitics, Strategy, and Competitiveness Consulting, asserting itself as the National Reference Partner for Top-level Decision Makers in Portugal. Its objectives include acting as a catalyst in the process of national economic and social development, and providing national companies and institutions with decision support services to enhance their abilities in creating value and being more competitive in the market.

Saer Mission


At SaeR, we believe that the survival and performance of organizations stem from their ability to create value and operate competitively in the market.

In an open, complex, and ever-changing context, the Strategy of Organizations requires the framework of Prospective, Economic, and Social Analyses (which identify the main axes of change and the forces influencing organizations), along with a clear definition of the future Vision (which outlines the organization's positioning within that framework).

Therefore, SaeR undertakes the mission of providing national top-level decision-makers with the foundations for Strategic Decision-making in Portugal, promoting the Competitiveness of Portuguese Organizations and the Development of the National Economy.

SaeR positions itself as "The National Reference Partner for Top Decision Makers in Portugal" in the various fields it operates in, ranging from Prospective and Strategic Vision to Value Creation and Competitiveness Enhancement. This is guided by the principles of Independence, Excellence, Rigor, and Confidentiality, which SaeR has embraced as its responsibility since its inception and which govern its stance:

  • Independence is expressed by not being subject to any political, economic, social, or religious influences.
  • Excellence is pursued in the execution process and in the pursuit of carefully defined results.
  • Rigor is applied in the analysis of collected data, following meticulously defined methodologies.
  • Confidentiality is demanded by the nature of its scope - the available information and information provided by companies - and is ensured by the structure governing access to this information.