Financial management

Controlling and optimising the accounting processes

Controlling and optimising the accounting processes

Finance is a crucial area for most businesses. Lack of proper and quick reaction to irregularities in this field may result in serious consequences for the organization and lead to measurable losses.


Controlling and optimization of accounting processes is a service addressed in particular to companies in which there are phenomena such as:

  • lack or ineffective process of building management information
  • extended reporting deadlines
  • lack of accurate management information from the accounting system
  • errors or recurring questions of owners on reporting
  • suboptimal accounting processes
  • the need to hire more staff in the accounting department as a cost centre
  • lack of appropriate tools to control investments or operational activities and a mismatched accounting system

Controlling and optimization of accounting processes - scope of the service:

We provide professional assistance and support in optimizing these very difficult processes. For our clients we build interdisciplinary teams of experts form the areas of: accounting, audit and risk management, business management, including process, finance, law and tax optimization. Our support includes all the necessary operations aimed at improving the area of finances and processes. Their effectiveness results directly from proper management accounting:





A team of experienced consultants and accountants

  • Shortening in time the standard accounting processes (invoicing, month or quarter closing)
  • Development of IT tools to optimise accounting processes
  • Reduction of accounting costs (including employment)
  • Minimising the risk of process errors





A team of specialists in controlling, planning and budgeting

  • Implementation of the management accounting system
  • Providing accurate management information crucial for operational decision-making
  • Developing the process of reporting and acquiring data from the entire organization
  • Educating employees to use new tools – training




Maciej Karzekotowski
Maciej Krzekotowski
Business Consulting Director

Controlling and optimising the accounting process