Strategies and Change Management
Intangibles Development
Marketing Enhancement
Post-Acquisition Integration
Financial Planning and Control
Forensic and Counter Fraud Services
Strategies and Change Management
Strategic Options & Operational Strategies
Crowe Valente assists its client, in particular entrepreneurial one, in evaluating the strategic options in terms of consistency, validity, feasibility, business risk and flexibility.

We think that entrepreneurs and top managers are in the best position to elaborate strategic thinking and our mission is therefore to assist them in comparing options, evaluating trade-offs, eliminate inappropriate strategies at an early stage and finally select the options presenting the appropriate risk/reward profile.

Crowe Valente has the proper resources to help you evaluating these complex options:

  • Organic growth vs external growth
  • Group and company (re)structuring
  • Value chain (re)structuring
Our approach is tailored to the client’s status and needs and mains steps are:
  • Strategic options evaluation: mainly involving the top management and concluding with the identification of the options of choice, together with the high-level implementation paths
  • Operational strategies definition: mainly involving the middle management and concluding with the preparation of the guidelines for the strategy implementation in terms of people and organization, processes and information systems
  • Business planning: mainly involving the middle management and CFO and concluding with the preparation of a business plan representing the impacts of the changes in operational strategies

Our approach can be applied at group level, company level or business unit level. The business environment and constraints to be considered shall be significantly different.

Strategic and Business Planning Process
Organization may require that strategic thinking and planning become embedded in its management culture.

Crowe Valente’s professionals may assist in:

  • design the strategic, business and financial planning processes most fitted to the organization
  • assist in the implementation
  • define the business requirements for the information system to support financial planning and controls
  • support the implementation of this information system.
Balanced Scorecards

Using Balanced Scorecards and their holistic approach to business strategy may help organizations in discipline their strategic thinking and in communicating throughout the entire management structure.

Crowe Valente’s professionals may assist in:

  • designing the Scorecards models, identifying the key metrics and targets properly representing the strategies for resources development, process changes and the value proposition to the customers
  • define the outcomes in terms of financial targets
  • roll out the Scorecards at business units and individual level
  • assist in the implementation
  • define the business requirements for the information system to support the Balanced Scorecard system
  • support the implementation of this information system.
Change Management

Decisions of changing the strategies should always be immediately followed by an alignment in the Corporate Governance and in the organization of the entity.

Depending on the magnitude of the changes in strategies, Crowe Valente professionals may support in:

  • Alignment of the Corporate Governance system, together with all the related responsibilities, powers, process and procedures
  • Redesigning the structures at group, entity and business unit level, together with all the related responsibilities and scopes
  • (Re)designing the processes directly or indirectly impacted by the change in strategy
  • Assist in the preparation of the master plan for the organizational changes, in terms of changes in management, competencies, information systems, knowledge
  • Act as project manager for the implementation of the plan
Intangibles Development
Strategic Options
Master Planning and Project Management
Trademarks and Patent Protections
Marketing Enhancement
Improvement Programs

Crowe Valente’s developed an expertise on the organizational changes and the technological tools that can boost the core marketing capabilities of our clients.

Our focus areas encompass the following;

  • Enhance Visibility Across Your Organization
    • Define the flow of information and touch points across each functional area of your business
    • Classify information consistently through standardized data definitions
  • Increase Sales Productivity
    • Optimize sales through relevant and well-defined processes
    • Automate or remove low-value administrative tasks
    • Improve accountability with visibility into sales efforts versus expected goals
    • Forecast and manage the sales pipeline
    • Launch report packages that standardize business reviews
    • Gain visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) through real-time report dashboards
    • Maintain a sufficient pipeline to help achieving revenue objectives
  • Align Sales and Marketing
    • Harness closed-loop marketing that quantifies marketing efforts and influence throughout the sales pipeline
    • Streamline lead flow through a consistent qualification and automated distribution process

Depending on your business status and your objectives, our services may encompass.

CRM System Implementation
Post-Acquisition Integration
We can apply a robust M&A playbook for all phases and aspects of the deal, offering global delivery capability for higher overall connectivity and consistency.
Crowe advisory professionals provide integrated services across the M&A value chain.
Master Integration Plan

Early identification and vetting of potential deal value drivers and synergies

Value optimization plan development, sequencing, and tracking (involving charters, metrics, baselines, accountabilities, etc.) for specific synergy projects

Hands-on execution support to accelerate the realization of key strategies
Master Project Management
Specific Program Management
  • People and culture transition: Assess and manage the people and culture transition issues both at the tactical level (e.g., job redesign and compensation/benefits) as well as strategic issues (e.g., organizational redesign, culture transition, and communication strategy)
  • Functional integration: Establish proper functional and process connectivity to help enable seamless day one and post-close operation
  • Protect customer interface and top-line revenue retention into the post-close period
Financial Planning and Control
Financial Modelling
Plan and Control Processes
Assistance for Implementation
Forensic and Counter Fraud Services

Crowe Valente supports the counsel and its clients when the financial investigation and litigation is complex and an expert is needed to analyse intricate financial data, weave it into a cohesive whole and, if necessary, articulate their findings to a trier of fact.

Crowe Valente forensic experts, inclusive of experts of Crowe’s network, use insights gained from extensive technical and industry knowledge to cut beneath the surface and help to uncover the real story behind the numbers. In the event of litigation, Crowe's professionals tell the story to the judge, jury, or arbitrator through clear, convincing expert testimony and compelling visual presentations.

We have also the expertise and the competencies to support mediators and arbitrators in finding extrajudicial solutions to disputes.
Accounting Forensic

Crowe’s expertise cover the claims involving:

  • loss of profits, value, or chance
  • wasted expenditure
  • contingent losses
  • contractual disputes
  • professional negligence
  • shareholder disputes
  • sale and purchase of businesses.
Our services include:
  • analysing information on liability and quantum
  • drafting assistance
  • expert witness services
  • expert determination
  • calculation of quantum of loss
  • independent opinions on technical accounting matters
  • insolvency investigations and litigation support.
In case of fraud, we can establish and quantify the effect of fraud, and help protect you against economic crime. Our financial investigation services include:
  • asset tracing and recovery
  • establishing and quantifying the effect of fraud
  • identifying areas for further investigation.
We can also develop and/or implement counter-fraud and anti-corruption measures.
Digital Forensic

Team of forensic technology experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to help defend you and your company from hazards related to data in a litigation context and pursue investigative options when your company's data has been exposed.

Whether you are addressing litigation issues, investigating fraud, assisting a company through an insolvency situation, or pursuing alternative dispute resolution, Crowe's forensic technology services team can help you coordinate the entire process from investigation to resolution. Choosing Crowe gives you access to certified public accountants, fraud examiners, and IT specialists.

Crowe forensic experts use insights gained from extensive technical and industry knowledge, forensic accounting, and litigation consulting to cut beneath the surface and help to uncover the real story behind the numbers. And in the event of litigation, we can articulate the findings to a judge, jury, or arbitrator through clear, convincing expert testimony and compelling presentations.

Our forensic technology group provides a full suite of solutions:

  • Digital forensics:
    • Using proper chain-of-custody methodology for field triage and acquisition of target Electronically Stored Information (ESI);
    • Working with virtually any digital storage medium;
    • Investigating and analysing forensic images;
    • Recovering, reconstructing, and preserving lost and deleted data;
    • Providing expert witness testimony;
    • Coordinating with counsel, forensic accountants, and other litigation professionals;
  • Data analysis/Data mining:
    • Detecting data anomalies;
    • Reconstructing accounting records and transaction tracking through coordination with forensic accountants;
    • Completing data set analysis using statistical methodologies;
    • Providing custom analysis database programming; and
    • Delivering robust reporting with rich graphics and written narrative.
  • eDiscovery:
    • Working with counsel to extract pertinent data from forensic images;
    • Uploading and providing access to documents; and
    • Performing OCR (optical character recognition) scanning, deduplication, and indexing of documents
Fraud Investigation

Where a fraud or other financial loss through dishonesty occurs, we can assemble the right team to discover what has happened, to identify those responsible and, more importantly, to prevent further loss (financial and reputational) and to recover what has been taken.

Our investigators understand the impact that fraud and other financial crime can have on an organisation and its people and recognise the need to act swiftly and discreetly.

Holding professional qualifications and with many years practical experience, we adhere to the stringent legislative requirements that apply to this work, ensuring that the range of sanctions remain available, whether these be criminal, civil or regulatory.

We have access to resources throughout the world, enabling us to trace assets and the proceeds of the wrongdoing, wherever they may be and have worked with numerous organisations, small and large, in the public, private and charitable sectors to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions.