Apparel, Fashion & Luxury

Our services encompass:

  • Group reorganizations
  • Value chain management and transfer pricing assistance
  • International and Italian tax advisory and assistance
  • Assistance in foreign establishments

Crowe Valente has also the competencies to deliver outstanding value in the following areas:

  • Support to joint ventures and partnership structuring
  • Assistance to international development and to acquisition and divestures
  • Teaming in your projects to digitalize the customers’ experiences, the distribution channels and the supply chain, bringing in the specialists you require
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel and your technological providers to improve the understanding of your customers’ behaviours via the data gathered in your social and other digital channels
  • Teaming with your specialists for Brand protection
  • Improve performance and control over your distribution channels and points-of-sale
  • Integrated approach to Data Privacy / GDPR
Crowe Valente is serving some well renowned brands in Apparel, Luxury and Fashion.