Media, Entertainment, Sports

Our experiences included:

  • Support to acquisitions and post-acquisition integrations of gaming’s distributors;
  • Assistance in negotiating concession, franchise and distribution agreements
  • Reorganization and efficiency improvement of gaming’s distributors and point of sales
  • System for the scouting and comparative evaluation of footballers. Support to plan the purchase and sale campaigns of footballers
  • Financial planning and control of football clubs
  • Assistance in negotiating exhibition agreements and in implementing the logistical infrastructure

In addition to the above expertise, Crowe Valente has the appropriate mix of competencies to deliver outstanding value to specific clusters of clients:

  • Agents of sport players: integrated advisory on tax, legal and compliance issues and risks of the players’ agreements
  • Sport clubs: Support to evaluate the club’s risk profile of the players’ agreements, bringing in the competencies you need
  • Gaming concessionaires: Teaming of our specialists with your personnel to apply advanced analytics to the social, sales and operational data you collect and interpret it to reveal ways to improve sales and operational performance
Our personnel acquired strongly distinctive expertise serving Gaming companies, Football clubs and Art exhibitions.