Other Service Firms

Our services mainly encompass the following:

  • Tax compliance and tax advice
  • Outsourcing of general accounting, payroll and company’s secretary services
  • Assistance in tax disputes
Crowe Valente has extended the service capacity to these companies, to become the provider of choice for most of the management and financial assistance needs of a service firm company:
  • Legal advice and legal compliance (GDPR)
  • Support to any type of M&A and extraordinary transactions
  • Assist the international development
  • Management of fine and penalties
  • Support in IP protection and development
  • Improve marketing and sale performance and financial planning and control capabilities
  • Teaming in your projects to digitalize the customers’ experiences, the distribution channels, the operational model, bringing in the specialists you require
Crowe Valente currently assists a wide range of service firms, ranging from hotels and restaurants to professional services firms and “new economy” companies.