Crowe Valente

Crowe Valente is a key reference in the country’s tax, legal and advisory sector due to its capacity for innovation and high-quality services, always focused on client needs.

Crowe Valente, including its affiliated companies, counts now on a team of more than 50 professionals fully dedicated to Tax and Legal matters, and in other areas such as IT legal, Digital Transformation, Corporate Finance, Payroll, HR and Strategic Management Consulting. Our team generally comprises seasoned attorneys, certified public accountants, engineers, programmers, economists and statisticians with specialized knowledge in a broad range of industries. Thus, we ensure the provision of multilayered and integrated end-to-end services on the basis of a holistic business-minded approach.

We are a Member of Crowe - the 8th leading international network of independent accounting and advisory services Firms according to the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB 2017). Crowe Valente’s affiliated companies have won several sector-specific awards granted by numerous world-renowned organizations in Italy and abroad.