Industrial Equipment and Products

Our experiences encompassed the following:

  • Support to strategic planning and Group reorganizations
  • Support to acquisitions, partnership and joint ventures
  • Support to permanent foreign establishments
  • Business valuations
  • Post-acquisition integration plans
  • Value chain management and transfer pricing
  • Tax and Legal advice
  • Assistance in tax disputes and criminal tax advocacy

Crowe Valente has also the competencies to deliver outstanding value to companies serving industrial clients in the following areas:

  • Assist in evaluating the challenges to the business (redefinition of clients’ business models, changes in industries’ boundaries, new technologies and IoT impacts, distribution channel re-shaping) and in selecting the appropriate strategies
  • Support to draft licencing and other knowledge transfer agreements
  • Teaming in your projects to digitalize the clients’ experience and the supply chains, bringing in the specialists you require
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel to apply advanced analytics to the sales and operational data you collect and interpret it to reveal ways to improve operational performance, pricing and supply chain
  • Improve performance and control over your direct and indirect sale and distribution channels
  • Teaming in IP protection
Crowe Valente’s personnel acquired distinctive expertise in working with many Italian Groups, serving a wide variety of industrial users, from food to medical and chemical products, local and international.