Our Offering by Status of Business

Looking for Growth
Looking for Efficiences and Synergies
Digitally Transforming the Business
Planning the Change in Ownership
Managing Business and Financial Crisis
Looking for Growth
We offer a wide range of advisory services to support business growth, encompassing:
  • Support to evaluate the strategic options for growth and the strategies to “acquire” markets or offering
  • Support to acquisition of businesses
  • Assistance in developing market business partnerships
  • Tax and legal advice for foreign establishments
  • Support to the client’s development teams
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel in the digitalization of your customers’ experience and distribution channels
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel to extract from the mass of data you are gathering (social network, sale systems and other sources) the information needed to improve your market effectiveness and your product and pricing policies
  • Improvement of the marketing performance
  • IP and brand protection
Crowe Valente helps its clients to timely meet their growth aspirations without incurring in unwanted risks and unnecessary expenses.
Looking for Efficiences and Synergies
We offer a wide range of advisory services to support the quest for efficiencies and synergies, encompassing:
  • Support to evaluate the strategic options for optimization and to define the operational strategies to extract efficiencies and synergies
  • M&A support to “acquire”synergies and divest unearning assets
  • (Re)design of group or company structures, processes and value chains
  • Tax optimization
  • Change management
  • Post-acquisition integration services
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel to extract from the mass of data you are gathering (social network, sale and operation systems and other sources) the information needed to improve your operational efficiencies and inventory flows and optimize the supply chain
  • Outsourcing solutions for general accounting, payroll, secretarial,  global mobility
Crowe Valente helps its clients to timely meet their optimization targets without incurring in unwanted risks and unnecessary impacts on market propositions and company’s core competencies.
Digitally Transforming the Business
The changes might affect one or more of the following company’s business areas:
  • Offering: new products or services, new customer experiences or bundling of services and products
  • Client base: new market clusters and new distribution channels
  • Optimization of the operating model, with changes in the processes of marketing and sale, R&D, production or service delivery, logistic, support services (IT, Finance, HR, general services)
  • Extension of the enterprise’s perimeter, in terms of new business partnerships and supply chain integration together with all the information and logistical flows

The market is crowed with technological solutions, even excellent ones, offering to almost any organizations the necessary backbone to digitalize part of their business.

Crowe Valente focussed on helping its clients in obtaining the best from the available technological solutions, mitigating the risks originated by the change and optimizing the overall investments and running costs of the digital initiatives.

We developed a multi-competency service model to assist our clients in every phase of the digitalization projects, bringing in the competencies most needed in that phase. Our services encompass:

  • Assistance to evaluate the strategic opportunities and risks to digitalize part of the business and to define the operational strategies
  • Project management or project monitoring
  • Governance and organizational alignment
  • Advice to manage the emerging risks and to improve Cybersecurity
  • Support to structure the technological and business partnerships
  • Tax advice to align tax policies: value chain management, indirect taxes, permanent establishments, transfer pricing documentation
  • Legal advice for drafting agreements with new clients, suppliers and providers
  • Alignment of the compliance system: L. 231, L. 262, Privacy Policies and GDPR
  • Assistance to align the Quality system and the other systems for organizational performance
  • Alignment of the administrative processes and the accounting system
  • Alignment of the planning and control system
  • Teaming our business and technological specialists in “Big data” to obtain the best from the data you gather
Crowe Valente can also be the partner of choice in the case an organization opts to “spill-out” the competencies and resources to develop a truly based digital business. Thank to our multi-competency service model we can deliver the entire and sole range of services to optimize your start-up.  Our supports may encompass the following:
  • Assistance in selecting the investment structure
  • Support to the entire process of spin-off
  • Business modelling
  • IP and brand protection
  • Tax optimization of the start-up and the parent group
Whatever the drivers of change, may be the deliberate disruption of an incumbent business model or the alignment to the “ecosystem” of customers, providers and stakeholders, almost any organization have to consider the ever evolving digital technologies as a critical enabler to be competitive (or, worst, as a strategic threats to its market position).
Planning the Change in Ownership
A proper planning for these changes in ownerships require extended knowledge and a fair approach, managing the trade-offs between the business perspective and the entrepreneur’s expectations and the conflicts of the short term urgencies and apprehensions with the long term value creation objectives. Crowe Valente’s personnel has the competencies and the standing to assist either the entrepreneur either the company to properly manage the entire process of the transfer of ownership. Our services may encompass:
  • Assist the planning of the entire process
  • Support the Company’s reorganization to separate businesses and interests
  • Assist in managing the tax profile of the shareholders
  • Support the transfer of the ownership
  • Align the governance system (articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, service agreements)
  • Assist the new management in implementing the management tools (strategy and target settings, business planning and control, incentive systems)
Whatever the drive (a generational change, the settlement of fully empowered external top managers or the opening to a private equity firm) an entrepreneurial organization has necessarily to face a “one-in-a-life” event: the transfer of powers from the entrepreneur (generally the founder) to another subject.
This event is always a source of stress for all the company’s stakeholders and, sometimes, it can originate the seeds for business’s underperformance and stakeholders’ dissatisfaction in the long term.
Managing Business and Financial Crisis

As advisers to distressed entities, we help companies stabilize financial and operational performance by addressing problems head-on and driving rapid change to preserve and create value.

We offer a full range of restructuring advisory services, including:

  • Financial restructuring to stabilize financial performance:
    • develop and implement turnaround restructuring plans
    • manage creditor negotiations
    • plan before bankruptcy
    • execute after bankruptcy.
  • Operational performance improvement:
    • analyse current operations and recommend operational revisions
    • develop and implement high impact business plans to help improve cash flow and achieve sustainable results.
  • Financial advisory services for rapid results:
    • develop critical cash conversation procedures
    • evaluate alternative financing options
    • plan for and executing expedited sales of non-mission-critical assets
    • assist in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Interim management to fill the gaps. Our restructuring consultants can seamlessly step into key leadership positions to provide critical support and accelerate the restructuring plan.
As a company’s financial position deteriorates, troubled entities may need to take action and implement turnaround restructuring plans.
Crowe Valente can help identify and assess alternatives and provide information to help maximize recoveries or minimize losses. Our restructuring professionals include financial, tax, legal and risk experts with deep industry expertise who can provide analysis and implementation in all phases of the restructuring process.