CFE Professional Affairs Conference 2023 on “Tax Adviser 2030: Evolution or Revolution for Tax Practice, Policy and Administration?”


The 16th European Conference on Tax Advisers’ Professional Affairs will be organised by CFE Tax Advisers Europe and Finland’s Association of Tax Consultants, Suomen Veroasiantuntijat ry, on 21 September 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. Two conference panels of speakers will examine the evolution (or revolution) of fiscal systems, tax practice, tax administration prompted by both policy developments at EU and international level, as well as tax avoidance, enforcement of EU law in relation to taxation and impact on the tax profession.

The conference aims to address the significant impact and evolution of regulatory developments on the evolution of the tax profession with the OECD anti-avoidance initiatives and the BEPS project, DAC Directives, EU Fiscal State Aid Investigations; the ethics of tax professionals (cf. CFE Discussion Paper on Professional Judgment in Tax Planning); the changing EU regulatory/enforcement landscape/fairness of tax arrangements observed via the prism of various tax revelations (Pandora Papers, LuxLeaks) and the fiscal State aid investigations (Apple case), and last but not least the rise of AI.

The first panel will assess the Impact of EU/OECD Developments on Fiscal Systems and Tax Policy. The second panel will analyse the significance of the Impact of AI on digitalisation of tax systems with a focus on the OECD Tax Administration 3.0 project, the work of the Forum on Tax Administration, and the road to better aligned digitalisation of European tax administrations, by looking at the Finish collaborative real-time economy project for digitalisation, presented by the Finnish Tax Administration (Finish Real Economy project).

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