Our Affiliated Companies


A Winning Team

Valente Associati Studio Legale Tributario GEB Partners is a leading Italian firm providing tax and legal consulting services, specializing in transfer pricing, international tax and criminal tax. Its clientele encompasses public listed companies, large enterprises, SMEs, start-ups as well as individuals and governments.

Believing in the value of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and skills, our firm has always brought together professionals from different disciplines (law, finance, statistics, engineering) and jurisdictions. To the same effect, our professionals are actively involved in national and international professional organizations (i.e., CFE Tax Advisers Europe, BIAC, BusinessEurope, IAFEI, UIA, among others), both nationally and internationally, as well as in research and academia.

Our firm’s hallmark is innovation in practice to tailor the most suitable and long-lasting solutions in the tax and legal area for its clientele. Valente Associati Studio Legale Tributario GEB Partners has been recognized time and again with prestigious sector-specific awards and appears at the top of the annual rankings of important research companies and specialized publications.

Boscolo and Partners (B&P) is a partnership of accountants personalizing its services to Italian and international clients in a flexible manner and on the basis of important expertise and experience. B&P counts already 24 years of practice, exercised in an international environment.
The partnership warrants added value to its clients through its competence, dynamism and ongoing update.
Areas of expertise: accounting, bookkeeping, business outsourcing services and payroll services.
Major coordination and interaction of its distinguished partners ensures that B&P clients always receive complete advice, even in the most complicated situations-product of the evolution of modern economy.
Boscolo’s performance is based on professionalism, confidentiality and flexibility.
B&P strives to provide the finest advisory services at reasonable prices. Their values and strength comes from their dynamic and forward-thinking staff. B&P is committed to gain and retain their clients’ confidence providing consistently high quality services and fast response, ensuring long-lasting relationship with clients.
B&P also includes an office in Romania.
Servizi Aziendali is specialized in accounting, administrative services, payroll and HR management.  
The Firm provides services to a wide variety of clients, including also solutions to provide technical outstanding services advice also remotely. Specific software is available to clients.
Servizi Aziendali ensures excellent response time (reply within 24 hours) which is much appreciated by clients.