Global sanctions

Global sanctions

Navigate global trade and economic sanctions with a solid risk management plan

In the increasingly complex and interrelated global economy, failure to comply with a full scope of trade and economic sanctions can mean fines and even criminal prosecution for financial institutions. Crowe offers global sanctions advisory solutions, third-party monitoring, and fully outsourced investigative services to help banks manage their global sanctions risk management programs.

Strengthen sanctions compliance and risk management

Crowe global sanctions advisory services specialists combine an in-depth understanding of sanctions compliance and extensive operations risk management expertise to help banks:

  • Establish Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) policies and procedures
  • Conduct coverage assessments and control inventories to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in OFAC sanctions compliance programs
  • Perform risk assessments to establish an OFAC risk rating
  • Select and implement sanctions screening systems

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Ralph D. Wright
Principal, Financial Services Consulting