Independent monitoring that gets you back on track – and drives value.

It’s a reality. Negative events happen. But with the right independent monitoring, your organization can come out even stronger. 

We know that because we’ve helped our clients make it happen, time and again.

Restore your bank’s reputation with regulators throughout your remediation.

To address reputational fallout, bad situations should be resolved quickly and decisively. That kind of response demonstrates you’re taking these issues seriously. 

We’ll help you get your credibility back on track with the public and with the markets– and gain confidence in the situation. 

We’re an experienced, trusted independent monitor. We can help you do the right things with the resources at hand – and demonstrate a commitment to real improvement along the way.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

These days, trouble can come from places you weren’t expecting.  

Independent monitoring can involve more than just dealing with regulatory issues. It also covers a host of legal, PR, and technology problems, from employee misconduct to social media flare-ups. 

We give you confidence to face these challenges – and help you hammer out a plan of attack. 

We understand your unique challenges and needs. 

Independent monitoring should be well-suited for organizations and the industries they operate in.

We have decades of experience working with banks and financial services companies on independent monitoring.

We know internal structures, business processes, and technologies.

We’ve got the ins and outs of independent monitoring covered.

You might already know the fines you have to pay, what your timelines are, and other technical aspects of a settlement. 

But there could be efficient, cost-effective ways to meet the terms of a settlement that you aren’t aware of. See how the right independent monitor can help you.

Perform an independent assessment
Perform an independent assessment
Identify gaps
Identify gaps
Review your remediation plan
Review your remediation plan
Monitor implementation
Monitor implementation
Test adherence to the plan
Test adherence to the plan

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you with additional services you might need. 

We’ll provide a truly independent perspective.

At Crowe, independence is more than a concept. It’s a mindset. 

We put that independence at the center of our work as a monitor – and it allows us to view your problems with a fresh perspective. 

We also offer: 

  • Strong industry and technical specialization 
  • Independent assessment, testing, and reporting 
  • Knowledge of operations and supporting technology 
  • Senior-level involvement 

Find out why so many banks and financial services companies turn to us.