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Our Virtual Watercooler Series

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The Crowe Ireland Virtual Watercooler Series
Since the beginning of this pandemic, working remotely has made it difficult for all of us to remain connected to colleagues and maintain a sense of community.
Regularly keeping in touch with everyone in your team is a challenge and it is especially difficult to replicate those moments in the office where you get a chance to catch up with colleagues from other departments.
While the experience has been tough for all of us, it is especially difficult for our new trainees starting their first full-time job and other employees who have joined the firm since March of last year.
Over the past few months, we have rolled out a successful series of virtual watercooler catch-up chats. This is where staff join informal sessions that enable all of us to check in online with each other, meet new colleagues and share our respective lockdown experiences as we start to emerge from COVID restrictions and look forward to a reopening of the office in the coming months. 
We have decided to extend this to a series of informal five-minute interviews with a range of staff across the firm. Thanks to all those that have agreed to take part.
If you would like to put your experience to work and grow your career with Crowe, check out the career section of our website to find out more about our exciting vacancies we currently have. 

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