Ryan Leong Senior, Audit - Crowe Ireland

Ryan Leong

Senior, Audit

We take a few minutes to have a quick catch up with Ryan Leong. Never a man to be pigeonholed, we find out that he has taken on a programming course while working remotely and that he represented Ireland at tenpin bowling when he was younger!

Briefly, tell me about your career to date 
I started in Crowe as a trainee, having completed a degree in Accountancy & Finance in TUD. I began in the corporate finance department and transferred to audit after a year. I qualified in 2021 and am keen to study a data analytics or a corporate finance diploma.

Why Crowe? 
The opportunity to work in different departments with a wide range of clients. I don’t like being pidgeonholed.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I have always loved problem solving and managing lots of different aspects of jobs. I am also on the social committee which is great fun.  

Give me three words that describe Crowe’s culture.
Challenging, diverse and progressive.

What is the best advice you have received and from whom? 
One is from my audit partner, Gerry O’Reilly. He says, “everyone works in sales, you have to sell yourself and sell what you do”. My takeout from that is to make sure the client knows the value in the work we are providing.

The other is from my Dad who says, “always appreciate what you have”.

What has been your lockdown take way experience?
Trying to stay fit which has been hard with the gyms closed. But also continuing to learn has been challenging. I have started to study programming in my spare time

What have you really missed because of lockdown? 
The gym, socialising and grabbing a pint on the weekend. Plus, my holidays!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Napping and coffee!

What’s your hidden talent? 
Tenpin bowling – I used to play for Ireland when I was a teen.

What have been your favourite TV show during lockdown?
Below Deck and Tiger King.

Crowe’s audit department is hiring! Our audit team is looking for an audit senior, senior manager and an internal audit manager.

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