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An independent advisory practice supporting our clients and their families with tailored financial, regulatory and compliance advice to match their needs.
We are an independent advisory practice supporting our clients and their families with tailored financial, regulatory and compliance advice to match their needs.

We offer a single point of contact, with all personal and family interests overseen and proactively managed by our experienced team. Our partner-led approach helps to identify and properly address any hidden opportunities and risks with your personal or family affairs, which might have been missed by working with multiple advisors.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides a holistic approach to managing all operational, regulatory, tax, strategic and family-related services you might require. Unlike many other private client advisors, we do not provide investment advice or recommend specific financial products.
Personal tax compliance & administration

Tax compliance

  • Preparation and submission to the Revenue Commissioners of your Irish income tax returns, to include calculation of your income tax liability (or refund)
  • Preparation of your self-employment and rental accounts to calculate your tax-adjusted profit/loss position
  • Negotiating/liaising with the Revenue Commissioners in respect of your tax affairs
  • Preparation of your capital gains tax and capital acquisitions tax computations as well as the provision of advice regarding the availability of certain tax reliefs
  • Preparation and submission of CAT gift and inheritance tax returns (Form IT 38)

Tax reliefs

  • Advising on how to maximise the availability of tax reliefs and allowances for entrepreneurs in the most tax-efficient manner
  • Assistance with submission to the Revenue Commissioners of tax reliefs to include EIIS, Home Renovation Incentive Scheme, pension contributions etc.
  • Advising on availability of tax credits, allowances and reliefs in the tax year

Share compliance

  • Managing your share options compliance
  • Preparation and submission of relevant returns to the Revenue Commissioners

Revenue audits

  • Preparation and assistance in advance of Revenue audits
  • Advising on your obligation to disclose tax planning schemes and capital transactions to the Revenue Commissioners and completion of any necessary forms
International planning

Many people now have assets and property investments overseas. Whether you or your family own or are looking to purchase personal assets or business structures overseas, we can recommend tax-efficient financial structures to suit your individual circumstances and objectives.

We work with our international network, Crowe Global, to support your international tax strategy and compliance, as well as helping with any visa and international employment requirements.


  • Advance planning to ensure tax advantages of not being Irish-resident/domiciled are being availed of
  • Advising on treatment of accumulated wealth outside of Ireland in order to remain outside of the Irish tax net
  • Advising on Ireland’s tax treaty network which impacts expats and non-domiciliaries through the interaction of tax rules between treaty countries

Buying property overseas

  • Advising on appropriate structures to acquire overseas property and assisting with the management of these properties through our extensive Crowe Global network

International estate issues

  • International personal estate and tax planning to include wills and succession, trusts and the administration of international estates

Working overseas

  • Advising on tax implications of working overseas to include tax obligations in the home and host country, international social security, efficiently structuring remuneration packages, personal tax planning and international tax aspects of pensions

Retiring overseas

  • Advance planning for retirement overseas
  • Advising on tax implications of retiring overseas, to include tax obligations in the home and host country, qualification for Irish State pension and the impact of acquiring a principal private residence overseas

Integrated service for your business and personal tax. Understanding your strategy, where you are now and where you want to be.

Finding the right structure for your business

  • Share structure for owner-managed businesses
  • Family investment companies

Allowances and reliefs planning

  • Availing of Startup Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE)
  • Using allowances to ensure the best post-tax return
  • Using lower rate bands to optimise tax efficiency
  • Reviewing pension strategy and dividend policy

Entrepreneur relief

  • Review disposal strategy against relief conditions
  • Assess your business for qualifying status

Investment options planning

  • Tax-efficient investments, including EIIS

Growing SMEs

  • Retaining key staff members through relief programmes such as KEEP

Profit extraction advice

  • Efficient extraction of profits to include salary, benefits, dividends, pension, interest, rent etc. 

Managing your family assets

  • Wealth management – looking at your short-term and long-term goals, taking into consideration family arrangements and passing on wealth to the next generation

Planning your exit

  • Preparing for exit
  • Retirement options
Maximising cash flow now and in retirement 

Optimising your cash flow and assets throughout your life is fundamental to the financial success of you and your family.

Cash flow planning

Often you may be so focused on your business demands, you have little time to apply the same rigour to your personal affairs. We support you through:

  • Understanding and identifying your priorities and goals
  • Working with you to optimise your cash flow and ultimately your personal balance sheet
  • Generating efficiencies in tax, managing assets efficiently, helping you plan passing on of assets and your retirement
  • Understanding your assets, for example by taking into account assets that have a value now or in the future, such as share options

Retirement planning

Pension funding is one of the last remaining tax breaks available to individuals. There have been significant changes over the years in this area. Planning your retirement and how you access your funds can be complex. We can support your retirement planning by:

  • Reviewing your existing pensions
  • Developing a plan to maximise the tax relief on pension contributions and build a pension pot efficiently
  • Helping you understand the impact if you change role, retire early or leave work
  • Advising on drawdown strategies to optimise the longevity of your assets

We focus not only on how you maximise your fund, but how you protect it and future benefits for your family. We also consider if are there other benefits accrued in Ireland or overseas, as this is an entitlement that can be valuable in a terms of cash but is often omitted when individuals are considering their pension.

Supporting the big decisions

Life presents challenges and opportunities, like:

  • Can I retire early?
  • Should I start a business?
  • Should I sell the business?
  • Can I afford to pass the business on to other family members? 

We can analyse these decisions and assess the risks from an impartial point of view and help you make an informed decision. We work closely with our tax specialists and Business Value Builder team to assess the most tax-efficient position and how best to structure it for you.

Wealth protection & inheritance tax planning 

Lifetime planning

Increasingly, people are feeling the desire to make lifetime gifts and see the next generation enjoy the benefits. We will advise on:

  • Structuring lifetime gifts
  • Maximising the use of the tax-free amounts
  • Utilising the small gift allowance
  • Managing provision through multiple generations
  • Working with your solicitors to have the appropriate Powers of Attorney put in place where necessary;
  • Implementing family partnerships and companies to give controlled participation to the next generation

Succession planning – protecting the key family assets

There are significant reliefs for passing on businesses, farms and in certain circumstance family homes. We advise on:

  • Structuring business transfers to avail of tax reliefs
  • Reviewing your will to ensure tax efficiencies are facilitated
  • Implementing appropriate family structures
  • Reviewing share structures, shareholders’ agreements etc.

Estate planning

Having an efficient will in place that reflects your wishes is fundamental. We work with your legal advisor to ensure:

  • Optimal tax-efficient transfers
  • Vulnerable family members are protected
  • The most efficient transfer of assets post-death, through the use of trusts where required


We handle all administration, including:

  • Ensuring all compliance matters are dealt with
  • Preparing estate and trust accounts
  • Ongoing trustee administration
  • Retention of registers etc.
Family office support

Crowe can assist with the structuring, setup and operation of a family office, providing cost-efficient oversight support and proactively briefing you on any deadlines or issues you might face.

We bring together a team of private client, tax and business advisors who enable you to focus on your business interests. We can provide ongoing support with regular reviews to ensure your strategy matches your goals, risk parameters and, most importantly, cash flow requirements, and meet at regular intervals throughout the year to keep you appraised of any issues that need focus, or to plan for upcoming events.

The issues and challenges faced by our clients are unique to each individual, requiring a tailored suite of services. However, in our experience, clients benefit from support across the following areas:

Family investment policy and cash flow monitoring

  • Assistance in monitoring and optimising your position
  • Working with you to develop an appropriate investment strategy for you and your family, taking into account your timeline, risk objectives and projected cash flow needs
  • Monitoring your investment portfolios against your agreed strategy and mandates

Advising family businesses

  • Advice on your longer-term plan, whether it involves selling your business or passing it to the next generation
  • Advice in relation to practical issues you need to consider when weighing up your options

Asset acquisition and structuring

  • Proactively working on your behalf to structure the most appropriate vehicles and efficiently project-manage the transactions
  • Coordinating the transactions on your behalf and identifying clear timelines, reducing the pressure on you

Property and estate management

  • Asset management support for your property portfolio across any residential and commercial property holdings

Outsourced support services

  • A range of financial and payroll services to meet ongoing needs for you and your family.

Family charter

  • Family charters set the parameters families operate under, their values and governance procedures. Having a family charter in place facilitates longevity and strategic family succession planning. We can facilitate and assist with the drafting of a charter and ongoing facilitation.

Traditionally Irish people have always supported others in need and have a reputation for generosity. Correctly structured, philanthropic gestures can result in tax savings from which either you or the designated charity benefit.

Tax-efficient gifting

  • Advice on how charitable organisations are taxed, appropriate tax and philanthropic vehicles, donating an asset, donating shares, pension lump sums and donating through your company
  • Supporting legacies through continual gifting


We can assist you in devising a strategy for you and your family, be it:

  • Establishing a charity or foundation
  • Gifting or bequeathing to a charity
  • Utilising a donor advised fund


In a similar manner, bequests can be structured tax-efficiently. Reviewing your will and considering what legacies you leave is important not only to you, it can also be a way of ensuring future generations support your legacy

Separation & divorce

The breakdown of relations between husband and wife can be a very traumatic time and, as a result, people rarely give due consideration to the tax consequences of their actions. However, there are long term, and often irrevocable, consequences for tax purposes and therefore it is essential that adequate planning be carried out before any decisions are made.
The rules applicable to informal separation, formal separation and divorce are different and can be complex. The following are just some of the issues we would need to consider:

  • If due care is taken, the transfer of the family home should not give rise to tax problems
  • Both spouses may be entitled to the Single Parent’s tax credit and increased standard rate cut-off point
  • Maintenance payments to children are usually exempt but payments to the spouse may have tax consequences, depending on the circumstances
  • Joint assessment may still be an option, even after formal separation has occurred

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