Ewelina Leszczynska, CoSec senior Crowe Ireland

Ewelina Leszczynska

Senior, Company Secretarial

We get a chance to catch up with Ewelina Leszczynska who recently joined our CoSec department. Ewelina comes from Poland and was attracted to Crowe because of the range of clients we deal with and the strength of her manager. Not a real TV fan, she prefers extreme sports instead – motorbiking, kayaking and parachute jumping!

Briefly, tell me about your career to date 

I relocated from Poland in 2004. I arrived in Ireland with little English and worked in a coffee shop. I then joined an accountancy firm as a bookkeeper and then in 2016 moved to a company secretary post and finished my Masters in Work & Organisational Psychology. I joined Crowe in May 2021 as Company Secretary Senior.   

Why Crowe? 
I was attracted to Crowe because of the range of companies that the firm deals with. I can grow my experience and gain greater expertise, especially from my immediate manager, Catherine Falvey.  

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

The variety of work and clients, the challenge and being busy.

Give me three words that describe Crowe’s culture.
Professional, inclusive and flexible.

What is the best advice you have received and from whom? 
My mum always said, “the naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie”.

What has been your lockdown take way experience?
That we can all adjust.

What have you really missed because of lockdown? 
Mainly going home and seeing my family, especially my little nephew. I saw him last when he was four months old, he is now two years old.

What’s your guilty pleasure
I love spending times with my two dogs, Buddy & Fluffy.

What’s your hidden talent? 
Extreme sports – I have a motorbike, love kayaking and have undertaken five parachute jumps.

What have been your favourite TV show during lockdown?
I am not really in TV, but I loved watching 13 Reasons Why, it is really good.

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