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EDITO: Our HR challenges in the face of the recruitment crisis...

Our job is exciting! It's a contact job, personally enriching and constantly evolving. [...] But what is the reason for the disaffection of the younger generations, who are so keen on solidarity and CSR, when chartered accountants have fully demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the common cause? First of all, the lack of information. Students and graduates know less than ever what a public accountant is and do not project themselves in this profession. Even the "Bigs" are having trouble recruiting talent right out of their top schools. So what can we do, at the level of firms like ours? For my part, I am involved as much as possible in the employers' associations and within the OMECA, which works to improve the definition of positions and optimize training. Many other levers can also be used: social networks, welcoming trainees of all levels, internal coaching...

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