Plastics and mold mechanics

Crowe Avvens has developed strong competencies in the industrial sector of plastics and mold mechanics with our former office located at the heart of the Plastics Valley.

The Rhône-Alps Region remains the leading territory for plastics in France and this is where Crowe Avvens has 2 of its offices, including its headquarter.

In 2020, the plastics industry generated a turnover of over €65 billion.
Today, consumers and the French government are demanding better use of our resources. The plastics industry has therefore taken the turn towards sustainable development, particularly with the development of the circular economy: bioplastics, industrial recycling, waste recovery, reuse, etc.
This is a necessary shift, which involves a great deal of research and innovation. The plastics industry must constantly renew itself and innovate, which makes it a sector where new challenges are constantly being taken up.
In 2018, the industry saw a 14% increase in demand for recycled raw materials. A collective effort that is also reflected in the 79% increase in recycling in France (Source: Panorama de la plasturgie et des composites 2019).

As regards mold mechanics, the sector has been faced with strong Asian competition since the 2000s. The mold makers have invested in high performance equipment to gain the profitability points required for their development.

The outcome of new materials such as elastomeric and silicone product, or even"smart" polymers, the significant innovation in this sector, as well as the productivity gains obtained are indicative of promising prospects.

Our fields of expertise for the plastics and mold mechanics sectors

Industry is the core of your trade and we deeply understand your operating schemes as we have a good knowledge of your markets, your organization modes and production tools. We are involved in all links of the production chain:

  • Distribution and coloring of plastic materials,
  • Design and studies,
  • Mold mechanics,
  • Special machines, robotization,
  • Injection molding, bowing, extrusion, rotational molding, etc.
  • Assembly, decoration,
  • Manufacturing and distribution.

Our expertise: making these industries viable, secure and contributing to their development

To tackle this unstable and highly competitive market, Crowe Avvens essentially positions itself in the consulting area:

  • Knowledge of the accounting principles specific to these activities in order to provide reliable annual accounts presentation and a dependable financial information (depreciation on parts, management and valuation of work in progress and amounts outstanding, advance deposit management, industrialization works)
  • The knowledge of the specific tax issues linked with this sector and the optimization scheme (amortizing, export VAT)
  • The implementation of optimized information circuits to secure and optimize the accounting treatments, and a good knowledge of the information systems (ERP)
  • The analysis of profitability by activity, dashboards, ABC cost prices, margin, …
  • Business co-operation or combination, M&A audits
  • Support in extending the firms' reach in international markets, which is often required by major clients and ordering entities
  • Search for medium and short term funding, or subsidies to finance this capital-intensive activity
  • Fund raising, search for investors to finance growth and transfer diversification strategies (Crowe Avvens participates in the drafting of the presentation file, the business plan, the input and output negotiations)
  • Organisation and procedures for the preparation of the CIR ("Crédit d'Impôt Recherche", research tax credit), C2I ("Crédit d'Impôt Innovation", innovation tax credit)

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