secteur non marchand

Non-profit sector

Accompanying people and their projects remains our essential vocation as professionals.

Crowe Avvens as the privileged contact for volunteers, activists, members of society or permanent staff, actors in the non-profit sector and associations.

Men and women who demonstrate a civic commitment by joining an association, often selflessly and disinterestedly, are faced with obligations unrelated to their initial objectives.

Our involvement in the associative fabric with specific knowledge

Our involvement towards foundations, endowment funds, unions, associations and labor-management organizations, work committees, political parties and movements has long since enabled us to develop a know-how and knowledge of the specific features of this sector and its composing entities.

Our fields of expertise for the non-profit sector

In the context of regulations and obligations of an increasing complexity, our teams inform and reassure managers, members and partners, secure processes in order to limit the risks for the entity and its managers, and adapt organisation and information systems to the need of the entities.

Besides, we secure and advise the local and regional authorities, confederations and federations, in the management of the satellite associations to which they delegate parts of their services.

Finally, our experts prepare and audit the combined and consolidated accounts of the associations, take part in the merger or split operations or validate them. 

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