sciences du vivant

Life sciences

Crowe Avvens has developed a technical expertise now recognized in the health and life sciences sectors.

Our firm is active in this sector, in all trades (auditaccountingconsulting, etc.). This activity sector is deemed sensitive as it is governed by heavy regulations (ANSM, FDA, EMEA, ARS, etc.) and for which intellectual property (patents, R&D costs, etc.) is an essential intangible asset!

Our consulting know-how:

In the early stages of research (Biotechs and Medtechs)

Our consulting and accounting firm has broad experience as a key player in the fields of Biotechs and Medtechs, either listed or not. We maintain a high level of comprehension and knowledge of all issues specific to your activity :

  • Calculation and evaluation of the research tax credit, CIR ("Crédits d'Impôt Recherche"),
  • The problem of finding bond versus equity financing and grant funding,
  • Research contract accounting, relationship with ANR, FEDER etc., for statements of expenditure,
  • Issuing of hybrid investment securities or any other dilution or relution capital instrument, BSA Ratchet…
  • Fully diluted capitalization table, etc.
  • Processing and issues linked to payroll tax for these companies.

Many client references in the Biotech and Medtech sectors provide a measure of our competence and know-how in this field.


For R&D companies of large industrial groups

Large industrial groups constantly need to evolve and, on purpose, often entrust part of their Research & Development activity to a dedicated subsidiary. Therefore, we also regularly work with this type of structure where financing issues are often less of a problem as they are supported by the industrial groups.

For pharmaceutical laboratories

We are also active within pharmaceutical laboratories and consequently familiar with all issues linked with this strongly regulated activity (research contract accounting, marketing authorization filing costs, license contract costs and their associated features: up-front, milestone, royalties, pharmacovigilance, etc.)

Most of the pharmaceutical groups have an international organization divided according to certain functionalities per country (distribution, research, production, pharmacovigilance, etc.) requiring the implementation and documentation of a transfer pricing policy.

Thanks to its competencies in management and tax issues, our firm has designed several transfer pricing policies on behalf of pharmaceutical or research groups (Overall studies).

For health cooperation groups

We also work with health cooperation groups, which are a privileged cooperation tool between the public and private sectors, as well as between city authorities and hospitals. The sepcific features of these structures are notably linked to the annual monitoring or follow-up of the members' subscription to the group and their contribution to the capital, as well as the processing of subsidies granted by the health cooperation group ("Groupement de Coopération Sanitaire" or GCS) or by the Regional Health Agencies and the public and private health institutions.

In the scope of subsidies received by the GCSs, we also intervene in the establishment of certificates of expenditure.

For research foundations, patient support foundations and endowment funds

We often work in the non-profit sector that include all legal and accounting specificities, with medical research foundations and social work foundations (aid for the sick), recognised as being of public utility.

Finally, whatever the medical activity and the sector, our philosophy is to privilege interpersonal contact throughout our mission in the interest of our clients and with available, stable and high-level contacts with, obviously, the law required level of confidentiality.

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