With a large presence in the Rhône-Alpes region, the textile industry, Crowe Avvens has strong expertise in this sector.

The textile sector market is estimated at more than 770 billion euros, with 13,3 billion in France in 2020 (growth of 1.8% from 2019).

Although this industrial activity has been in trouble for decades, some businesses that are flourishing today were able to define efficient development strategies. They focused on internationalization, production streamlining, technological evolution research, integration down to mass retail, marketing and promotion of the value of their products through branding initiatives and thanks to quality.

Since its creation, Corwe Avvens has maintained a strong expertise in this sector, mainly in management control and cost price calculation. Specialization in the Rhône-Alps Region has provided favorable grounds for this knowledge, notably with the dyeing and textile activities in Roanne, narrow textile in Saint-Etienne, silk milling in the Drôme and Ardèche counties, weaving and silk factories in Lyon (where the Crowe Avvens headquarter is located), as well as a history associated with lingerie manufacturers references and animation for international trade fairs.

Our consulting expertise :

  • Upstream with customer references in the dyeing and silk milling fields as well as texturing and knitting, or yarn procurement and new materials,
  • Middle, that is to say the world of industrial supply of intermediate products for textile, narrow textile (tapes and ribbons), stapling, knotting, trimming, ennobling industries, etc.
  • Retail and creation, as we are active in all consulting or auditing missions in this field:
    • Distribution / retail of textile products, haberdashery products from logistics centers, control of chain stores, web distribution
    • Distribution of fashion product, mainly lingerie
    • Support in creation of fashion collections, branding
    • Management of trade fairs

A particular technical expertise to serve a specific activity sector

Year after year, we have developed a particular technical expertise to meet the strong evolution of the businesses in the sector:

  • Streamlining production costs, identifying industrial services costs (quality, scheduling, purchasing, etc.),
  • Organizing, valuing, financing, structuring and controlling delocalized product units which comply with the ethic charters of the leading brands,
  • Implementing analytical/budgetary and consolidated cost reporting tools to identify the production costs in the scope of a global organization,
  • Managing internal audit/control procedures contributing to traceability,
  • Evaluating stocks/inventories in keeping with statutory and trade requirements,
  • Defining a consistent transfer price policy.
  • Calculating financing costs for a fashion collection or for branding.
  • Taking over and restructuring businesses in financial difficulties. 

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