By joining Crowe Avvens, you are choosing a firm that bases its strategy on proximity to its clients and the well-being of its employees.

Together - Let's reveal your talents!

In addition to experience and initial training, the Talents who join us have a personality and human qualities that are essential for success within the firm.
Ethics, Loyalty and Responsiveness are the key words.

You will benefit from :

  • proven and formalised methodologies and tools
  • training and awareness-raising on the specific problems encountered
  • permanent and up-to-date technical monitoring of our regulatory environment
  • an internal dynamic that promotes well-being - that's the Crowe Avvens spirit!

To date, Crowe Avvens favours the organization of employees by product line, but we remain sensitive to the possibility of cross-functional work in order to enable you to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge.

In the recruitment phase, we focus on the candidate's technical and professional skills, potential for growth and ability to work in a team, while sharing the firm's values.

Discover our job offers through our french website version or contact us at [email protected]