Crowe Global

Crowe Global

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

Crowe Global is in the Top 10 of largest global accounting networks

Crowe Global gathers over 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms in 145 countries around the world. Each member firm is recognized as a market leader in their home country and committed to impeccable quality and standards.

The Crowe Global network of firms spans the range of professional services, experience, expertise, and responsiveness. Our member firms work together to provide the audit, tax, accounting and consulting advice that allows our clients to build the capabilities and flexibility necessary to set their own global ambitions.

We have seen time and time again, that only the firms that have a deep understanding of their own financial health, risk exposure, and core competencies can successfully chart and navigate their own course in the turbulent global economy.

Through our comprehensive professional services and global team of advisors, Crowe will provide the guidance your firm needs to: 

  • Set realistic goals and expectations
  • Adjust quickly to changing demands and priorities of investors and capital sources
  • Plan proactively for the convergence of international accounting standards
  • Prepare for the increasingly complex regulatory environment
  • Grow adept at dealing with cross-border differences in business customs.

With Crowe as your trusted advisor, you will build a rock solid foundation of financial health – the foundation that frees you to write your own global story, live your own global agenda, and build a globally competitive firm.

The Avvens Group chose to join this network in order to serve the ambitions of our customers in their international development by combining local roots with global presence.