Crowe compensation survey

2022 Crowe bank compensation and benefits survey

Welcome Independent Community Bankers of America

Participating in the 2022 survey is the first step to accessing valuable bank compensation benchmarks and trends across 273 jobs, including:

  • Salary trends and incentive payouts
  • Employee turnover and staffing levels
  • Hybrid and remote work
  • Age breakdowns of banking personnel
  • Board of directors compensation
  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance

Participants in the 2022 survey will receive a substantial discount on the survey report*, which will be available in fall 2022. Your responses will be confidential, and your company name will not be published in the survey report. You must complete the entire survey to be eligible for the report discount.

*Reports will be available at the state, regional, and national level in both electronic and print formats. Pricing and discounts vary based on type of report purchased. Some report versions can be purchased without survey participation at full price. Other qualifications and restrictions may apply.

Survey report pricing


Survey report pricing

The survey closes June 10, 2022.

Complete the form below to receive the survey link. Survey results for this and prior years can be purchased at a later date.

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For questions or to purchase compensation reports from previous years, email [email protected] Please indicate which year you are interested in.
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