Making Payments with the Canada Revenue Agency

Robert E. Flux
| 2/5/2022

If you want to know how to make payments for individual and business accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency, your main options are:


  • Online Banking - You should be able to pay the CRA online through your financial institution's Internet or telephone banking services. Please contact your financial institution for more information.
  • CRA My Payment - You can make electronic payment directly to CRA via the option in My Payment. This is a service that uses Interac® online to make payments directly to the CRA from your online banking account. Only certain financial institutions participate in this service.

Financial Institution

You can make your payment in person, free of charge at your branch of a Canadian chartered bank, caisse populaire, or credit union. You must have a personalized remittance voucher from the CRA in order for the institution to accept the payment. Give the remittance voucher to the teller, who will detach and keep the payment section of the form, and who will stamp and give the rest to you as a receipt.

CRA Pre-Authorized Debits

You can have your payments debited from your bank account automatically by setting up a pre-authorized debit agreement with the CRA through your CRA My Account.


You can send a cheque or money order payable to the Receiver General for Canada along with a remittance voucher, however this is our least favorite option as cheques tend to get lost or misapplied from time to time. To find the current mailing address to CRA for mailed payments please consult their website as CRA regularly changes this address. Payments are considered paid when the cheque is received by the CRA.

Note: Write your social insurance number (SIN) or business number on the back of your cheque or money order to help CRA process your payment correctly. If you don't have a remittance voucher, you MUST include a letter telling the CRA where to apply your payment.


There are other options for making payments that are less frequently used.

For more information and all the specific details as to how to make payments with CRA, please click here.


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