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Crowe BGK Announces HR Consulting Services

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Crowe BGK LLP announces its new service, HR Vibe, a human resources consulting practice, taking its commitment to a people-centric business approach to a new level. HR Vibe offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Fractional HR Services, Talent Management, and HR Compliance.

Known for its culture that values collaboration, creativity, and well-being, Crowe BGK has always placed people at the heart of its operations. “At the core of our business is a commitment to providing exceptional value-added services to our clients. We are taking a significant step towards a more holistic approach to client service by introducing HR Vibe. This not only aligns with our mission, it also emphasizes our dedication to addressing the broader needs of our clients, particularly in the areas of people and culture.” says Brian Kreisman, Crowe BGK’s Managing Partner.

HR Vibe is led by Natalie Purkhardt, a seasoned HR executive with over a decade of experience providing solutions that align with company culture and business goals. Both an ICF Certified Coach and CRHA Accredited Mediator, Natalie offers a suite of services, including strategic planning, organizational restructuring, and identifying current and short and long-term recruiting needs. She also works with businesses to create leadership training programs, including workshops, group and individual coaching sessions, as well as executive coaching programs coupled with career path strategies. Working with established businesses, Natalie provides HR management consulting services to support HR operations, including policy and procedure creation and revisions, job analysis, compensation review, and performance management.

“Natalie has a proven track record of leading successful HR initiatives. Her expertise aligns perfectly with our own values, making her a natural addition to Crowe BGK and the leader of HR Vibe,” says Ingrid Jensen, Chief Operating Officer of Crowe BGK.

"Crowe BGK understands that businesses are made of people first. I am thrilled to be a part of a firm that shares my commitment to creating teams that people are excited and proud to be a part of," says Natalie. "We have crafted a range of services that cover every aspect of HR, from Fractional HR Services that provide expert guidance without the need for a full-time role, to robust talent management solutions and compliance frameworks. We aim to be the go-to HR partner for companies who view their people as their greatest asset."

Serving entrepreneurs and established businesses, HR Vibe offers a full suite of HR services to support you in creating positive corporate cultures with teams performing at their fullest potential. You can find more information on Crowe BGK’s HR Consulting services, HR Vibe, on our website. Connect with Natalie and begin enhancing your business’s HR operations.

HR Vibe Services:

  • Fractional HR Services: Ideal for smaller businesses or those with limited HR resources, this service offers the expertise of an HR department without the need for full-time staff.
  • Talent Management: A comprehensive suite of services that includes talent acquisition, recruitment, compensation, and benefits planning, encompassing total reward strategies and compensation benchmarking.
  • HR Compliance: Customized solutions to ensure organizations adhere to federal and provincial laws, thereby mitigating risk and promoting safe and respectful cultures.
  • Leadership & Culture Services: Strengthen your culture and develop leaders within your organization, including management training, career mapping, performance management, and coaching.
  • Employee Experience: Create an employee experience that aligns with your business values. Enhance your workplace culture with employee engagement, change management strategies, wellness initiatives, and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies.
  • HR Strategy Services: Drive business growth, reduce risks and cultivate a high-performance culture with HR assessment, organizational and department designs, succession planning, and upholding your HR due diligence.

About HR Vibe by Crowe BGK

HR Vibe is a team of HR consultants at Crowe BGK. Having built a firm centred on putting people first, it’s only natural that Crowe BGK shares their success. Working with entrepreneurs and businesses, HR Vibe advises companies on unlocking their people's power and elevating their business.

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