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Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance team has significant experience in assisting enterprises through critical transactions from start to close. 
Mergers & Acquisitions
Our team of professionals can provide you with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Mergers and Acquisitions. Crowe BGK provides its customers with a turnkey all-encompassing deal execution and support services; from start to finish we are there. Our ultimate goal is to get our clients to the finish line. Over the years we have developed an M&A playbook that delivers results. Our team’s relentless effort to surpass our client’s expectations continues to serve us well. Over the years we have built an enviable network of purchasers across Canada and the USA. We work with premier US based private equity firms that provide Canadian companies with more than just a healthy exit, they also provide them with an opportunity to expand globally.
Transaction Support
Crowe BGK Corporate Finance has the expertise to perform due diligence on the financial, operations, technology, markets, and human resource aspects of any transaction. We provide transaction support and a clear understanding of objectives and expectations. We also will provide you with sound advice on the planning, valuation, and overall feasibility of the project. We are diligent, conservative, and enabling.
Capital Acquisition
Crowe BGK can help raise debt or equity for your expansion needs. We can leverage our network of contacts in an effort to help you raise capital to support your growth efforts. We provide you with a one stop capital acquisition advisory team with a thorough knowledge of almost every financing mechanism available to private corporations including debt, subordinated debt, and equity financing.

Featured Contacts

Bruno Ciolfi
Bruno Ciolfi
Senior Advisor
Federico Atkinson
Federico Atkinson