Ingrid Jensen - Crowe BGK

Ingrid Jensen

Chief Operating Officer

4150 Sainte-Catherine Street West, 6th floor

Montreal, Quebec H3Z 2Y5


Ingrid Jensen embodies a rare blend of strategic vision and operational expertise in her role as Chief Operating Officer, backed by a rich career spanning over 25 years. Her journey is marked by significant contributions in marketing, human resources, and executive leadership, making her a multifaceted leader.

Making a mid-career shift into the entertainment industry's marketing sector, Ingrid established herself in the international market of large-scale theatre shows. Her focus began with reactive business development in response to the company’s popularity and rapid growth. Assessing new markets, understanding client needs, and managing brands, including alignment and increasing awareness, all led to her success in international business relations.

In 2011, Ingrid joined Crowe BGK as the firm’s first Director of Marketing and two years later, her role expanded to embrace human resources, overseeing employer-employee matters and professional recruitment. This period was pivotal in shaping her approach to people management. Ingrid became known for her innovative holistic strategies, approaching decision-making with a firm first mindset, and aligning human resources practices with Crowe BGK’s broader objectives. Her innate ability to connect people grounded the firm in creating synchronies between leadership, team members, and clients, redefining their success.

Two years after leaving the entertainment industry and entering professional services, Ingrid was ready to redefine Crowe BGK’s brand. In 2013, she was instrumental in moving the firm to become a member of the Crowe Global network. Joining this international network was the first phase in differentiating Crowe BGK’s brand in the market. Focused on creating a brand that was reflective of their clients, Ingrid’s leadership led the firm in diversifying their team, enriching the firm’s culture. 

Ingrid’s efforts in cultivating a positive, inclusive and productive workplace culture have been particularly noteworthy, earning her respect and admiration from colleagues at all levels.
As Ingrid stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer, she brought with her a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that combines the creativity of marketing with the structural discipline of operations management. Her leadership style is characterized by a deep commitment to maintaining strong client relationships and ensuring that every client interaction with Crowe BGK is marked by excellence and a thorough understanding of their needs. This client-centric approach has enhanced client satisfaction and driven significant business growth.

As COO, Ingrid oversees the company's day-to-day operational strategies, ensuring they are effective, agile and responsive to the ever-evolving market demands. Her ability to balance operational efficiency with innovative business solutions has been a critical factor in Crowe BGK’s success. Continuing to lead with a firm first focus, Ingrid always asks, “how can we have the biggest impact” on our staff, clients and community?

Beyond her professional achievements, Ingrid is passionate about mentorship and professional development, often dedicating her time to guiding emerging leaders. She strongly believes in the power of leadership to transform businesses and individuals alike.

Ingrid Jensen’s career as a Chief Operating Officer is a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities, her strategic thinking, and her unwavering commitment to excellence in both people management and client service. Her impact extends beyond operational success, leaving a lasting imprint on Crowe BGK’s culture and the broader business community. Currently, Ingrid is working towards her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC). 


  • Leadership & Management Skills Certificate, Institut de leadership en gestion
  • Mini-MBA, McGill University
  • Six Sigma Green Belt, 2005
  • B. Comm. (Marketing), McGill University, 1989

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Association for Accounting Marketing
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada
  • Member of Crowe Global


  • Past Board Member Light the Night Montreal Event, Société de leucémie et lymphome du Canada- Region du Québec, 2021-2023
  • Past Co-Chair of Light the Night Montreal Event, Société de leucémie et lymphome du Canada- Region du Québec, 2022
  • Current Board Member for La SAMS