Our CFE Training Program

Our CFE Training Program

Obtaining your professional designation is a huge stepping point in your career. At Crowe BGK we make it a priority to help you get there in as many ways as we possibly can. Our CFE secret weapon is a personalized, incentivized and dynamic training program that helps you prepare for the exam. Crowe BGK’s CFE training program complements the CPA programs offered through universities and the CPA National Program. The CFE leave is flexible for each student and their school’s individual requirements.

At Crowe BGK we work together as a team to ensure each student achieves success. Our program has evolved over time. As a result, we have enjoyed a near-perfect pass rate at the CFE in past years.

Our successful CFE Training approach includes the following:

  • CFE Mentoring Program

    Crowe BGK offers the pairing up of successful CFE writers with CFE candidates to provide them with guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the CFE summer.

  • Group and Individualized CFE Coaching

    Group coaching sessions are provided throughout the summer for exam debriefing and to review writing strategies and techniques. Students write a professionally graded exam prior to group debriefing sessions. These sessions, guided by our coach, provide an opportunity to highlight best practices regarding technical content and exam writing techniques while building peer-to-peer relationships with fellow colleagues.

    CFE coaching also offers one-on-one sessions to review the exam with students. The coach will adapt to the way you learn best, addressing concerns as they arise.

  • Peer Support

    Crowe BGK staff members help students throughout their studies. This can include case grading, review of subject matter covered in courses and exam materials, as well as advice and support from experienced staff. In past sessions, peer support has included weekend group tutorials before exams and individualized tutoring sessions for students having difficulties with specific subjects.

  • Incentivization

    In addition to a generous bonus for passing the CFE examination, the firm reimburses students for CFE related expenses up to a certain amount. We also provide vacation pay for a portion of your CFE leave to help you concentrate on your studies.