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Professional Services Firms

No one understands service like a full-service accounting firm. 

We give your business the attention to detail that a professional services firm requires to provide to its clients. We have been doing so with our service business clients for more than 60 years.

We provide:

  • Strategic services to help you better position your company in the marketplace
  • Operations performance reviews to streamline your processes and tighten control of your receivables and payables
  • Benchmarking against similar firms and the development of best-practices
  • Proactive advice on industry trends and rulings that affect your ability to meet and maintain your margins
  • Defined structures to develop new business
  • Merger and acquisition guidance, due diligence and valuations
  • Processes to implement your strategies
  • All the audit, tax and other financial consulting you would expect from a leading CA and consulting firm.

Featured Contacts

Derek SIlverman Crowe BGK
Derek Silverman
Mark Bindman Crowe BGK
Mark D. Bindman
Richard Scheim Crowe BGK
Richard Scheim
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Robert McNamara