Transfer pricing is more than compliance – it can be a strategy to increase cash flow

If your business has any intercompany transactions, maintaining compliance in your transfer pricing is essential. However, transfer pricing is more than just a compliance tool – if you look at your options from a holistic perspective, there may be opportunities to help you achieve specific financial goals, improve cash flow, and deploy cash.

Understanding transfer pricing at the intersection of compliance, cash flow, and company strategy

Developing proactive transfer pricing policies can also help your business align its tax and financial goals. Transfer pricing can apply to a wide range of situations, including the sale and purchase of tangible goods, license of intangible property, provision and receipt of services, financial transactions, and cost sharing arrangements.

Because it applies to so many situations, transfer pricing can impact many other areas, including customs and duties, financial reporting, legal, supply chain management, treasury, and operations. Understanding those interactions can be a catalyst to discovering and maximizing opportunities across your business.

Following the transfer pricing life cycle helps your business get and stay in compliance

This transfer pricing life cycle shows the steps generally required to address regulatory compliance and plan throughout the year. Whether you need help to establish, implement, monitor, evaluate, document, and/or defend your transfer pricing policies, we can tailor our analysis to your needs. Our specialists work with your team to develop proactive and pragmatic strategies, addressing transfer pricing risks resulting from complex tax rules worldwide.

We understand how transfer pricing fits into your business

Like any other strategy, transfer pricing does not exist in a vacuum – what will work best for your business depends on a variety of factors. Depending on your particular circumstances and supply chain, we can help you develop transfer pricing strategies in line with global rules and regulations.

Transfer pricing strategies