Statutory audits

Crowe specialists help you navigate through statutory audit reporting obligations with extensive global experience and powerful technology.

Comply with statutory audit requirements with specialized services 

Many countries require business entities to provide audited financial statements to national tax and other legal authorities. These obligations, commonly called “statutory audits,” can be burdensome and complex, involving intense scrutiny of financial statements – and more.

For companies operating globally, one of the biggest challenges can be coordinating multiple statutory audits under different regulations. These often deviate significantly from U.S. accounting principles, instead adhering to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our statutory audit expertise
We know how frustrating it can be for preparers to coordinate the efforts of multiple international audits under different rules. At Crowe, we’ve assisted global companies with statutory audit compliance for decades. We understand International Financial Reporting Standards and – as the largest independent member of Crowe Global – we have access to deep expertise locally around the world.

Crowe has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through the complex and multifaceted reporting obligations of statutory audits. Our audit specialists have wide-ranging experience coordinating the efforts of cross-border teams.