Specialized audits

Crowe offers agreed-upon procedures, contract compliance reviews, and other specialized audits that can help you address specific concerns with independent findings.
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Uncover valuable, objective insights with specialized audit services from Crowe

Organizations sometimes require a more specialized audit to evaluate and monitor critical aspects of their operations. Our engagement teams offer deep industry and functional expertise – as well as software solutions that support specialized audits – to provide impartial, detailed summaries that help address specific concerns. Here’s a look at our specialized audit services.

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Contract audits of agreements 

We audit contracts and agreements, such as those involving royalties and licensing fees, as well as cost-plus construction contracts.

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Agreed-upon procedures 

Our specialists issue independently derived findings based on specific procedures performed on clearly defined areas.

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System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports  

Crowe provides specialized reports of specific operations and transactions, including entity-level controls, general IT controls, and process controls.
Our engagement teams have the experience and expertise needed to provide detailed summaries of independent findings that can help your organization address specific concerns. Backed by our reputation for quality and integrity, we adhere to strict professional standards to deliver objective, fact-based reports. 
Additionally, our services are supported with software platforms that can be customized for a wide variety of specialized audits. That combination of innovative technology, independence, and expertise helps us deliver specialized audits to clients in industries ranging from manufacturing and distribution to healthcare.