The right IT assurance services can give your business what it needs to grow

  • While IT assurance is vital to growing your business, trying to manage multiple controls, third-party risk, security frameworks, and vendor management requirements can be time-consuming and disruptive to your organization.

  • We can assist with your IT assurance needs with an approach that leverages technology, reduces disruption, and  focuses on your timeline – saving you the time and energy you need to focus on your clients. 

  • At Crowe, we pull from our experience across industries and customize our services to your business needs – minimizing the time you spend on assessments so you can maximize the time you spend actually running your business.  

  • We use the latest technology during every engagement, starting with Crowe Secure Information Exchange as a hub for simple, secure, and streamlined communication and using many other technology tools and data analytics to make our service delivery more efficient.  

Reduce audit fatigue with our SOC reporting services

SOC reports are a great way for your organization to improve efficiencies and build credibility with your clients and prospects, but the process can strain your resources with duplicative audit requests.   

Our team of SOC specialists can help.  

Stay on top of PCI compliance 

Shifting technologies and data solutions are constantly changing the scope of PCI compliance, but with data security top of mind for your clients, staying up to date is more important than ever. 

Our PCI team can help you comply with current regulatory standards and plan for your future.  

Establish extra credibility with our HITRUST certification services

Your clients want the added credibility and assurance that a HITRUST certification offers, but navigating the details can be a daunting task. 

Our HITRUST approach is streamlined and tailored to your needs, drawing on our team’s extensive expertise to create the best process for your organization.