Enhance the efficiency of your legal department and operations

Revamping your operations doesn‘t have to strain your resources.

Law offices and legal departments are under incredible pressure from multiple sides. Satisfying demands to do more with existing resources without compromising the bottom line requires precision and experience. 

Crowe legal management consulting (LMC) helps clients improve critical areas including daily operations and budget planning, as well as strategic business efforts such as digital transformation. We do more than just help you leverage your present capabilities – we can help take your legal department or firm from where it is to where it wants to go.

An approach that minimizes business disruption

Finding new ways to use your existing processes and introduce technology to your operations requires a gradual, phased approach. Our six-step framework can help you set goals, review results, and record lessons learned. 

1. Analysis

We start by identifying areas for improvement and interaction within your current system and use that as our foundation.
2. Assessment

Next, we study current tools, the ways they’re applied, what the effects are, and any unintended barriers to efficiency that may exist.
3. Interviewing

Then we seek and collect the insights from key leaders and attorneys that can’t be fully captured from raw data and statistics.
4. Reviewing

Once all the information is collected, we look at available options for meaningful improvement and transformation.
5. Selection

Looking over the lessons we’ve learned directs how we choose the right systems and technologies to then make progress toward priorities. 
6. Implementation

Lastly, we help you put our suggestions and recommendations for best practices, processes, and technologies into motion.

Helping to create possibility and profitability for law teams

Crowe LMC looks at all aspects of your legal department or practice to find scalable, sustainable ways to help you remain competitive in a demanding field.

We offer proactive services to support the operational needs of your department or firm. We apply our proficiencies in risk management, digital transformation, and operations to your processes so you can devote more time to pursuing strategic business goals.

We can also support you with reactive services to meet specific legal requests. With our specialized knowledge of legal procedures and protocols, we can help improve your existing workflows and processes. 



Get techniques to streamline data-intensive investigations and litigation, quickly identify relevant materials, filter out nonrelevant materials, reduce review populations, improve efficiency, and provide transparency through it all. 

Data analytics

As business systems grow in size and complexity, so does your data. Lean how to overcome and minimize gaps between data management and comprehension so you can fuel your capacity to follow through on critical business decisions.

Digital forensics

You can’t afford to take data breaches lightly. Employing a time-sensitive response to cyberattacks and threats is a critical part in identifying the tactics, timing, and tools needed.

Information gouvernance

Access bespoke solutions designed to help reinforce the ways you protect and manage information – your single most important asset – with comprehensive governance, risk management, and compliance programs.