Get specialized help to meet your most pressing valuation needs

Valuations must consider a variety of evolving rules and regulations, along with approaches, key assumptions, and modeling complexities. But since valuations don’t happen every day, it can be a challenge to interpret and apply the proper framework without help.

No matter what is driving your valuation – transactions, financial reporting, business planning, tax-related and regulatory triggers, or public company SEC filings – our team can help. We have the expertise to assist you with the valuation process, providing you with clear communication, excellent project management, insights, and quality deliverables.

Valuations require specific expertise and broad experience – but you’re likely dealing with immediate needs

Your team is busy handling their day-to-day duties – and a valuation is not an everyday event. You may not have the time or the depth of experience to manage valuation-specific needs. 

  • However, any valuation is critical to your organization, which means you need it done right and on the right timeline.

There is a way to augment your team with a trusted combination of valuation expertise and experience, so you can spend your time operating your business and have confidence that your valuation will be done correctly.

You need a team who can manage the details, so you can focus on your business strategy

At Crowe, our valuations specialists have experience that spans the intersections of numerous rules, regulations, and industries to help you meet your business and compliance needs. Our sophisticated valuation procedures include advanced models that facilitate the entire process.

  • Our time-tested management approach keeps your project on track, so you can meet your required deadlines.

Plus, we tailor our plan and communications to suit your organization’s specific needs and preferences. That includes communicating with key stakeholders such as board members, auditors, and tax and legal advisers, along the way.

  • Our team understands the rules, regulations, and stakeholder expectations that come with a valuation

Our team can assist in determining the best way to maintain compliance. Here are just some of the key provisions that might affect your business

  • Fair value
  • Fair market value
  • Impairment testing